For both personal and commercial vehicles, the owner or enlister has to create an account, upload photos of the vehicle, vehicle details, contacts information and location before paying the durational listing fee.

For personal and commercial vehicles, the owner has the right to terminate their vehicle service if the hirer fails to comply with agreed terms and conditions agreed upon the lease.

The vehicle owners must not demand payments until they service is rendered to the clients, and the clients are under no obligation to pay for services before delivery. We will not be held liable for any losses.

For personal vehicles, the owners must disclose the number plates, model, state and proof of ownership of the vehicle to the client before any lease agreements and payments are made. The car owners should demand the hirer to provide identification documents and a valid driving license before giving away their vehicle.

All personal vehicles for hire must be in good conditions and We, ThriftHub, will not be responsible for any damages.

We ThriftHub, will take absolute caution against scammers. Nonetheless, the car owners and potential leases should also take caution against conmen and report any encounters to us.